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Soooo I decided on a whim to take part in Ludum dare 38

I should 've spended much more time on it than I ended up spending

I didn't like the theme very much, so decided to ignore it

Basically I have not much more than a more or less functional prototype. Think of it like Devil Daggers, only shit. I don't think I'll be winning any design-awards soon, haha

Still, it does mark the first time I actually release a project of mine to the public, so I'm happy regardless :)

-wasd for movement
-Mouse for aiming and shooting
-'1' for swapping weapons

If I had more time I was thinking of;
-A jetpack/jumppack, allowing for some kind of dash move on a fast-recharging -resource of some sorts (think DarkSouls)
-More enemie types obvsly
-More weapons
-Actual level design, hahaha

Anyhow, hope it entertains you for a couple of minutes and please do let me know what you think :)


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TagsFast-Paced, Ludum Dare 38, Third-Person Shooter


Macho Survivor.rar 9 MB

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